Part Products

Service Genuine Parts

Save the Total Cost High Quality, price competitive parts developed by SUMITOMO give customer reducing LLC (Life Cycle Cost)

1. Undercarriage Parts

By selected high quality material with adequate heat treatment,
we will provide the long life, reliable track components.

2. Filter/Element

(Fuel Filter, Engine Oil Filter, Hydraulic Oil Filter..etc)
These filters can capture microscope dust by using high quality filtering materials, and it help to reduce wearing and trouble of the main components (i.e. Engine, Pump and Motor) .
In addition, they are adapted for ISO Standard test criteria, can be applied any working environment in the world.

3. Cylinder Seal Kit

By using selected high performance seal material and various durability bench test, we have developed long life seal kit. You can use it at various job site in the world as it is adapted for SUMITOMO Standard.

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