Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shunichi Takahashi Corporate Officer of Asean Business Division

In 2014, SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., part of the 400-year-old SUMITOMO Group, celebrated its 50th anniversary as a construction machinery manufacturer. Over the past 50 years, the construction machinery market has grown dramatically—regardless of significant changes in the global economy—thanks to great progress in performance-boosting technical innovation. Also, over this period of time, the market for construction machinery has now expanded to include not only the developed countries but the emerging economies as well.

To keep pace with this shift in demand, the SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Group established PT. SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Indonesia, located in Kawarang, West Java, Indonesia in June 2010, as well as sales company PT. SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Southeast Asia (Jakarta, Indonesia), in December 2010. PT. SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Indonesia, which is a manufacturing company, draws on the pool of manufacturing know-how developed at its mother plant (Chiba Plant) in Chiba, Japan, as well as at the SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Group’s first overseas location at the Tangshan Plant in Hebei Province, China. It was launched in September 2011 as the Group’s second overseas location, featuring cutting-edge.

manufacturing equipment. With production capacity of 2000 units, the location currently supplies the consistently high-growth ASEAN nations in particular, along with the Middle East, South Africa, and Indian Ocean rim countries.

Meanwhile, sales company PT. SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Southeast Asia, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, provides sales and services for the ASEAN region. The company has fostered a network of partnerships with the ASEAN nations in order to supply high-quality products and after-sales services. With a view to bolstering customer support in the ASEAN region, we have also established a training center in February 2014 nearby the Karawan Plant.


To satisfy our customers around the world, SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. develops products to meet the needs of multiple markets. In particular, we have focused on addressing environmental issues, supplying superior energy-saving products—now recognized as some of the best such products in the world. Applying our leading-edge technology to the fullest in order to improve this group of products even further, we offer outstanding fuel-efficiency, operability, and safety to our customers everywhere.

In paying close attention to the needs of our customers and providing ever-better products and services, everyone at PT. SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Indonesia and PT. SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Southeast Asia is committed to our customers and to doing our part for the development of the ASEAN region.

We would like to extend our deep appreciation to all of our customers using the SUMITOMO hydraulic excavator. We very much appreciate your ongoing support.

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