MACAN Sumitomo

Monday October 15, 2018


MACAN (Tiger) is one of a tough Sumitomo Hydraulic Excavator products, agile, strong and fuel efficient specifically for working in forest. There are two types of Sumitomo MACAN, namely  13 ton class called SH130LF and 20-ton class called SH210F. Macan is produced by Sumitomo Excavator Manufacturer in Karawang-Indonesia, continuously be developed in order to maintain and improve its quality.

The development to be carried out by Sumitomo manufacturer by producing the latest generation of the Macan applying the most sophisticated technology, marked the Dash 6 generation, replacing the previous Dash 5 generation. Combining a new generation of engine system “SPACE 5+” and a new hydraulic system “SIH” S + ” improving fuel efficiency, better machine performance and environmentally friendly. In addition, Boom & Arm are specifically designed for torsional resistance and twist “logging” specifications, has a longer reach capacity as well, so that higher productivity can be achieved.


Several other things, Sumitomo has designed and manufactured his own Unique Fix Grapple for this latest generation. The SH130LF-6 model is mounted with a 20-ton class drive motor which produces power for a stronger traction force in transporting or skidding heavy wooden logs. Sumitomo Macan is quite large population today widespread throughout Indonesia.



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