Sumitomo Excavator for Coal Mining Work

Thursday April 25, 2019


Coal is the dominant force in electricity generation and its extraction process is relatively easy and inexpensive, and infrastructure requirements are cheaper than other energy resources.

The world is already aware of reducing dependence on coal (fossil fuels), but current renewable energy sources still do not indicate that the world’s dependence on coal will decline significantly in the near future, so that coal continues to be a promising energy source.

However, clean coal technology in coal mining will be very much needed in the future (partly due to commercial factors) and Indonesia is expected to be actively involved in the process as one of the main actors in the coal mining sector. The clean coal technology is focused on reducing emissions produced by coal-fired power plants but this technology has not developed well enough.

There are many small coal reserves in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua, but three of the largest coal reserves in Indonesia are South Sumatra, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. Indonesia has the main destination countries for coal exports, namely China, India, Japan and South Korea.

Therefore many mining companies in Indonesia are continuing to get this energy source and they need excavators in their mining activities as their main equipment. In this case, several mining companies entrust their excavators to Sumitomo Excavators like one of them at a coal mine in the Banjarmasin area. This company operates Sumitomo excavators models of SH210-6 20 tons class and SH350LC-6 30 tons class.

SH210-6 Coal Mining

These excavators are used for mining processes ranging from development, overburden, striping, coal getting and loading unloading. Sumitomo Excavator is strong in power, agile and fuel-efficient these are important points for the company in choosing Sumitomo Excavator as its main equipment in supporting coal mining production activities for the company.

Sumitomo also produces large class of 40-80 tons excavators such as the SH490LHD-6, SH510LHD-6 and SH800LHD models which is well accepted in the market place.

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