SUMITOMO ASEAN Excavator Distributor’s Conference 2018

Friday August 31, 2018


SUMITOMO Construction Machinery held a meeting with all its distributors throughout ASEAN such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This meeting with all distributors in ASEAN was held in Jakarta, Indonesia,
where Indonesia is a country that is being considered by the world because of its highly developed infrastructure development. Infrastructure Development is the basis for increasing economic levels

Sumitomo excavators are currently widely used in infrastructure development due to fuel economy and high productivity. This wants to show that Sumitomo Excavators have been widely trusted in the Indonesian market.

The first day, all distributors in ASEAN visited the Sumitomo factory in Karawang to see for themselves the capability of the production produced to supply Excavators to all countries in ASEAN even to several other countries.

Sumitomo Karawang Factory - 1  Sumitomo Karawang Factory - 2

After that, they visited PT. Oscar Mas as the distributor in Indonesia as well as the host this time, gives an example to other distributors that distributors need to have good quality from the support side with the provision of Service Parts & Services.

OM Parts Warehouse  OM Workshop

The second day, Sumitomo given appreciation to all distributors in ASEAN for their good performance in selling Sumitomo Excavators in the ASEAN market so that the Sumitomo brand continues to increase and is trusted.


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