New Generation “Dash 6”

Wednesday May 29, 2019


Sumitomo releases new generation excavator is Dash 6 with a background to meet the needs of customers in terms of more fuel efficient and more productive and more powerful so that customers using Sumitomo’s excavator products can better appreciate the benefits of the field in supporting their business progress.


New Technology

A superior excavator is closely related to an effective and efficient blend of systems between engines and hydraulics so as to produce superior performance.

In the Dash 6 generation excavator is combined with new technology of engine and hydraulic system where the engine uses “SPACE 5+” system and hydraulic system using “SIH: S+”.

The new Generation Engine “SPACE 5+” engine optimizes fuel efficiency and environmental performance through sophisticated common rail fuel injector systems, and turbochargers. At the same time, excellent response time can be achieved.
The New Hydraulic System “SIH: S +” optimizes hydraulic work more efficiently while there is a reduction in workload so that fuel can be more efficient.


At this 20-ton class of Sumitomo Excavator or so-called Model SH210-6 can produce fuel consumption efficiency as much as 11% of the previous Dash 5 generation by using a blend of 2 new technology systems.

New technologies have improved operations and reduced fuel consumption in each mode of operation. There are 3 working modes on this Sumitomo excavator as well as the function and percentage reduction of fuel consumption (compared to the previous Dash 5):


SP (Speed Priority) mode = 8% reduction in fuel consumption
This mode is used for work that relies on a combination of swing and power.

Mode H (Heavy) = 11% reduction in fuel consumption
This mode is used for work that relies on heavy digging work.

Mode A (Adjustable) = 11% reduction in fuel consumption
This mode is used for work that relies on loading / unloading jobs.


SH210-6 at Ciwandan  sh210-6 di poso

A proven solution
An excellent blend of engine and hydraulic systems determines the excellence of the excavator. This has been proven in previous generations where many customers feel the great fuel efficiency every month and also work very productive and fast field. Moreover, by using this renewable technology in the Dash 6 generation increasingly perceived.

The customers who have been using the SH210-6 feel the performance of Sumitomo Dash 6 excavator is very fuel efficient and also powerful and very productive in the field.

Whatever the job, the excavator uses Sumitomo’s products.

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