Thursday November 28, 2019

In the era of digital now to make all things was easy to reach and monitored , have a lot of owners that moves in transportation field , logistics even want to gets ease rental instrument in monitoring all the tools , one of which is its fleet equipped with gps system to the existence of the tools .Gps monitoring system is used to help their business operational in order to more effectively and efficiently.
Sumitomo has also used a remote monitoring system on products it manufactures such as in its excavators and asphalt pavers where the monitoring system uses satellites as monitoring tools. This Sumitomo remote monitoring system is called the “G@Nav” system.

Sumitomo - Product

The G@Nav satellite navigation system is not only able to monitor the location of the equipment but also several other things such as working hours of the device, temperature, pressure and others that are needed and can be known using sensors implanted in the equipment. In addition, the most important thing is to be able to monitor real-time data which helps to reduce device downtime and ensure the safety of the operating conditions of the equipment.
G@NAV -2   navigasi satelit sumitomo
There are 5 advantages of the G@Nav satellite navigation system, namely:
1. Monitoring amount of fuel consumed in detail to help maximize the efficiency of equipment operation.
2. Knowing details of operating hours and location of the equipment with just uses your fingertips to show visually in managing the fleet of equipment.
3. Receiving some information on maintenance schedule or replacement parts and ensuring that the device is supported with periodic maintenance.
4. Preventing problems that will arise even more fatal by sending information immediately for troubleshooting so as to minimize the downtime of the equipment.
5. Lock the equipment remotely with the Geofence function to protect all times of unauthorized operations outside the specified location.
In addition to the 5 benefits above, the most important thing for owners who have Sumitomo products such as Excavators and Asphalt Pavers is that their equipment can be monitored anywhere, from anywhere and at any time.
gps akses darimana saja
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New Generation “Dash 6”

Wednesday May 29, 2019


Sumitomo releases new generation excavator is Dash 6 with a background to meet the needs of customers in terms of more fuel efficient and more productive and more powerful so that customers using Sumitomo’s excavator products can better appreciate the benefits of the field in supporting their business progress.


New Technology

A superior excavator is closely related to an effective and efficient blend of systems between engines and hydraulics so as to produce superior performance.

In the Dash 6 generation excavator is combined with new technology of engine and hydraulic system where the engine uses “SPACE 5+” system and hydraulic system using “SIH: S+”.

The new Generation Engine “SPACE 5+” engine optimizes fuel efficiency and environmental performance through sophisticated common rail fuel injector systems, and turbochargers. At the same time, excellent response time can be achieved.
The New Hydraulic System “SIH: S +” optimizes hydraulic work more efficiently while there is a reduction in workload so that fuel can be more efficient.


At this 20-ton class of Sumitomo Excavator or so-called Model SH210-6 can produce fuel consumption efficiency as much as 11% of the previous Dash 5 generation by using a blend of 2 new technology systems.

New technologies have improved operations and reduced fuel consumption in each mode of operation. There are 3 working modes on this Sumitomo excavator as well as the function and percentage reduction of fuel consumption (compared to the previous Dash 5):


SP (Speed Priority) mode = 8% reduction in fuel consumption
This mode is used for work that relies on a combination of swing and power.

Mode H (Heavy) = 11% reduction in fuel consumption
This mode is used for work that relies on heavy digging work.

Mode A (Adjustable) = 11% reduction in fuel consumption
This mode is used for work that relies on loading / unloading jobs.


SH210-6 at Ciwandan  sh210-6 di poso

A proven solution
An excellent blend of engine and hydraulic systems determines the excellence of the excavator. This has been proven in previous generations where many customers feel the great fuel efficiency every month and also work very productive and fast field. Moreover, by using this renewable technology in the Dash 6 generation increasingly perceived.

The customers who have been using the SH210-6 feel the performance of Sumitomo Dash 6 excavator is very fuel efficient and also powerful and very productive in the field.

Whatever the job, the excavator uses Sumitomo’s products.

sh210-6 web

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SUMITOMO HA60C-8 Helps Development Work and Pavement Processes in Bali

Wednesday January 16, 2019

PT. Dharma Buana Karya, which has been chosen by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing as a construction consultant, do work on paving roads in Bali. This project aims to reduce congestion caused by the lack of road quality.




PT. Dharma Buana Karya entrusts PT. Multicrane Perkasa as an official distributor of Asphalt Paver products of Sumitomo Kenki Indonesia. For this road construction project, Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is used because of it’s reputation has been proven to have great quality results in paving the road. This product has been used in various road-making projects throughout the world. Advantages of crawler-type Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is a screed that can be extended without any extension from 2.3m up to 6 m, and HA60C-8 is the only product that has this advantage.


STV system

In addition the “STV” system contributed to build smoothly finished surface and pave the road with superior densities.

< “STV” Compaciton System >
S: “Strike-off” is adjustable and guides the asphalt mixture smoothly under the screed.
TV: “Tamper” and “Vibrator” achieve strong and even compaction for pavements

With all the advantages possessed by Asphalt Paver HA60C-8, SUMITOMO’s products can be relied upon to meet the standard of road paving work. Where speed, accuracy and quality are the most important things in the construction project.

Indonesia – Japan Business & Technology Symposium in Surabaya

Wednesday January 9, 2019

On 5th December 2018, “The 5th Japan Business Society Commemorating Business & Technology Symposium of The 60th Anniversary Commemoration Project of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia” was held in Surabaya.

This symposium is aimed at enhancing the presence of Japanese companies in Indonesia by showing the improving the technical capabilities, quality control abilities and business knowledge by introducing high technologies and businesses from Japan that supported the daily living in Indonesia and the future living improvements.


There are 5 series of symposiums which located in several cities in Indonesia. 1st were held from Jakarta, the 2nd at Denpasar, the 3rd at Makassar, the 4th at Medan and the last one is at Surabaya. There the President Director Mr.Takahashi from PT. SUMITOMO S.H.I. CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY INDONESIA took the rostrum at Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya on 11th December 2018.

Mr.Rachma, from Indonesia’s special envoy for Japanese Investment, and, Mr.Tani from the Consulate General of Japan in Surabaya, had a speech as an opening speech about their experiments with Indonesia and Japan’s business relation. And then it continue to Mr.Takahashi, as the 2nd speaker of Japanese companies.
He introduced the history of Sumitomo Kenki Construction Machinery and explained the products, the global business, the development situation and the future efforts in Indonesia through a video.

Especially at the scene of video when our customer using the hydraulic excavator and asphalt paver said “Sumitomo Bagus!”, the audience also said “Sumitomo Bagus!” with their thumbs-up and warmed up this symposium.


When all the companies’ presentations were over and the lunch session began, the participants came to President director Mr.Takahashi one after another and asked him to take a picture together. In addition, at the exhibition booth some people said they have seen Sumitomo’s asphalt finisher, so we realized our products have been steadily spreading to Indonesia. Approximately 200 people from government officials, general corporations, local college students and others participated in the symposium.

In particular, about half of them were college students, and we felt the young power of Indonesia, with an average labor average age of 29 years. Finally, we thank you for having this opportunity in Surabaya to let them know about our company’s thoughts and technology.


Wednesday November 28, 2018

Sumitomo gave awards to Sumitomo’s VIP customers and distributor salesmen in Indonesia which have made the Sumitomo brand more trusted and well-known especially in the Indonesian market.  From the 12th-16th November 2018, Sumitomo and the award recipients traveled around Japan.

DSC08224      DSC08221


On the first day, We visited the Chiba factory in Japan, to see the production of Sumitomo Excavators, where their production quality is priority No. 1.

On the next day, we walked around some areas such as Shibuya, Mount Fuji, Lake Motosu, Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree Tower, where they really enjoyed their journey and saw the beauty of nature during “Autumn Season” in Japan and with this also strengthened the companionship like as a family.



SUMITOMO ASPHALT PAVER HA90C Helping the Overlay Process of Husein Sastranegara Airport

Monday July 2, 2018


PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II while it is deploying a runway thickening or overlay at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung. This year will begin to work on adding the power of the runway. This is done because of increased flight schedule to and from bandung as well as increased aircraft capacity. Improved economic growth and the appeal of Bandung as a city of culinary, tourism, and shopping trigger an increase in the number of passengers both domestic or manacanegara. The airport will be able to seat Airbus A320 with a capacity of up to 180 seats. A plane that can land after a throttled base, among them, Airbus 320, Boeing 737 900ER, and Airbus 319.

PT Dirgantara as the implementer of the runway base relies on two units of Sumitomo HC90C tandem to perform the construction of the asphalting. With the width of each stretch reaches 9m, Sumitomo HA90C able to work quickly and maximum results considering the airport work should be done quickly. According to Operational Manager of PT Dirgantara Bp Arvin Jahja Tjahjana various advantages possessed Sumitomo HA90C is very helpful for thickening asphalt of this airport.

HA90C2 HA90C
The addition of flight hours from 21.00 to 00.00 will narrow the time of paving work. Excellent equipment capability is an absolute requirement in the asphalting process. Timely execution without prejudice to quality and safety is the main demands of the asphalting process. The excellent support from PT Multicrane Perkasa as the official dealer of Sumitomo asphalt finisher also contributes greatly to the performance of Sumitomo HA90C equipment.

Sumitomo HA90C has various advantages in ease of maintenance and operation. Operators are given ease in the use of a control stand that can be switched left and right depending on job type. Compact button placement also allows the operator to manage the function of each button. Sumitomo HA90C is also equipped with sensors that can adjust the angle of the expanse adjusted to the needs.
With many advantages, Sumitomo Paver is reliable in meeting the standards of airport work where speed, accuracy, and quality are the main things in airport project work.



Sumitomo Excavators assist development work the largest hydropower plant (PLTA) in Poso, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tuesday June 26, 2018

Poso Hydropower is designed and created by Indonesian experts

The construction of a hydropower project is a very important thing that needs to be resolved soon to provide electricity supply for the various regions. Such as in Poso region, Central Sulawesi is made hydropower project in electricity supply which is planned to be distributed to various region especially in Sulawesi. This hydropower plant is being built by PT. Poso Energy.

This Poso Hydropower Plant is the largest in Indonesia where it is designed and built by engineers from Indonesia. We as a nation of Indonesia should be proud of this. This hydropower plant takes the source of water that comes from the water that flows from Lake Poso.


Using Excavators which made in Indonesia

In the implementation of the Poso Hydropower Plant construction, they entrust their equipments to use Excavators which made in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia, namely is Sumitomo brand. This Sumitomo excavator is made by following the quality applied in Japan. The concern they use this Excavator is fuel efficient and the price is very competitive in the market and made in Indonesia factory.


SH210-6 Poso sh210-6 di poso
The Sumitomo excavator used in this work uses 20-ton class with SH210-6 model where this model is the latest model issued for this class. There are some new things that have been developed in this latest generation or called “Dash 6” from the previous generation “Dash 5” namely:

1. More efficient
2. More tough
3. More fast
4. More comfortable
5. More durable
6. More sophisticated

Development carried out in the system of electric, engine and hydraulic is very influential to the overall performance of the Excavator to be better in accordance with the needs of the field.
All development begins with input from various customers throughout Indonesia where the good is getting better performance of the Sumitomo Excavator.



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