Thursday November 28, 2019

In the era of digital now to make all things was easy to reach and monitored , have a lot of owners that moves in transportation field , logistics even want to gets ease rental instrument in monitoring all the tools , one of which is its fleet equipped with gps system to the existence of the tools .Gps monitoring system is used to help their business operational in order to more effectively and efficiently.
Sumitomo has also used a remote monitoring system on products it manufactures such as in its excavators and asphalt pavers where the monitoring system uses satellites as monitoring tools. This Sumitomo remote monitoring system is called the “G@Nav” system.

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The G@Nav satellite navigation system is not only able to monitor the location of the equipment but also several other things such as working hours of the device, temperature, pressure and others that are needed and can be known using sensors implanted in the equipment. In addition, the most important thing is to be able to monitor real-time data which helps to reduce device downtime and ensure the safety of the operating conditions of the equipment.
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There are 5 advantages of the G@Nav satellite navigation system, namely:
1. Monitoring amount of fuel consumed in detail to help maximize the efficiency of equipment operation.
2. Knowing details of operating hours and location of the equipment with just uses your fingertips to show visually in managing the fleet of equipment.
3. Receiving some information on maintenance schedule or replacement parts and ensuring that the device is supported with periodic maintenance.
4. Preventing problems that will arise even more fatal by sending information immediately for troubleshooting so as to minimize the downtime of the equipment.
5. Lock the equipment remotely with the Geofence function to protect all times of unauthorized operations outside the specified location.
In addition to the 5 benefits above, the most important thing for owners who have Sumitomo products such as Excavators and Asphalt Pavers is that their equipment can be monitored anywhere, from anywhere and at any time.
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