SUMITOMO J-PAVER, present with features and latest models in various types

Friday November 17, 2017

As the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in Japan. Sumitomo began to develop asphalt pavers in 1959. Due to its high performance, Sumitomo’s asphalt paver products are now successfully penetrating the world market, and are able to contribute more than 70 percent of the appliance’s share in Japan’s domestic market.

Sumitomo asphalt paver products Sumitomo J-Paver equipped with the latest technology features are present in the Indonesian market. The latest models of the J-Paver (Japanese Paver), among others: HA60C-8, HA60W-8 and HA90C-2 where the meaning of the type, is HA: Sumitomo Asphalt Paver model, 60 or 90: maximum paving width , C: crawler type (track) and W: wheel type (wheel / tire), with tamper and vibrator compaction system.

For the Sumitomo J-Paver model HA60C has been used quite a lot to support paving work in various development projects and road improvements in the country. With many advantages of embedded technology features in the asphalt paver model, the performance of Sumitomo J-Paver HA60C is quite reliable and recognized its performance by its user contractors.

As for some other advantages possessed by Sumitomo J-Paver HA60C, among others: has a screed that can be arranged kelebarannya from 2.3 m to 6.0 m with hydraulic system without a connection. Sumitomo J-Paver model is also quite easy to operate, more reliable, and easy in terms of maintenance. With these various advantages, this paver asphalt model received a very positive response from its user contractors.



Meanwhile, for the Sumitomo J-Paver HA90C-2 model, this paver asphalt product was first introduced in Bauma China held in Shanghai in late November 2014. Now, asphalt paver products are already present in the Indonesian market, and offer many advantages, including: equipped with screed J-Paver 2875 designed to achieve optimum quality and precision of pavement. In addition, with the new screed, capable of deploying asphalt with a width of at least 2.8 m to a maximum of 9 m.

Sumitomo Paver HA90C-2 uses hydraulic technology for Mold Board operation that can simplify its operation, and can improve precision in asphalting work. With the dimensions of the pavement asphalt paver this model is only 2.8 m, it will be easier to mobilize.

Another advantage of the Asphalt Paver HA90C-2 is the screed J-Paver 2875, which can be adjusted from 2.8 m to 7.5 m with a hydraulic system without connections, making it easier to save hotmix deployment time. When needed, the screed can be widened to 9m by using a bolt-on extension. In addition, all models of Sumitomo Paver are also equipped with automatic level sensors, ie grade sensors that can be applied by using strings used at the initial coating and producing a flat and straight paved layer. This Grade sensor can be replaced with ‘Sky Sensor’ which is in direct contact with the finished road terrain. Thus, the pavement can follow the flatness and straightness of the existing road.

In terms of operation, Sumitomo Paver is also further facilitated by the presence of a color monitor located in the operator compartment and on both sides of the screed. The existence of such monitors, may display the operational information and maintenance requirements of this asphalt pitcher. For the main monitor located in the operator compartment, it can display: machine information, travel speed setting, temperature setting heating, TV speed setting and emergency control. Meanwhile, for the submonitor contained in the screed, display: heating temperature settings, TV speed settings and emergency control.

With the new technologies and features embedded in the Sumitomo paver model of HA90C-2, it is expected to become a new choice for national road contractors to support on-site pavement work. And as an authorized distributor of Sumitomo asphalt paver in Indonesia, PT. Multicrane Perkasa guarantees after sales service for Sumitomo Paver products throughout Indonesia, so users can feel comfortable in operating this product in the field. In addition, to improve the competence of the operator asphalt paver Sumitomo, PT. Multicrane Perkasa also organizes training of asphalt paver operators that are held regularly in various regions.


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