Sumitomo’s superior products that have been very popular appear at the largest mining and construction exhibition in Indonesia

Friday October 25, 2019
Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery again took part in the most prestigious exhibition in the world of heavy equipment, namely the largest mining and construction equipment exhibition in Indonesia in mid-September 2019, where the exhibition was held once every 2 years and Sumitomo became one of the heavy equipment companies from Japan which also featured its superior products. Sumitomo’s participation in exhibiting two products, Excavator and Asphalt Paver, gives visitors a unique “color”.
Sumitomo Mining Expo 2019 - 1  Sumitomo Mining Expo 2019 - 2
On this occasion, Sumitomo showed off some of its leading Hydraulic Excavators from a very popular model which is known as fuel efficient, agile and resilient like Macan products with SH130LF-6 model which is very popular in its 13-ton class specifically in the forestry and plantation sectors, other models are SH210-6 is the most popular in the 20 ton class because of its fuel efficiency and high productivity which is used in various sectors, especially in the General Construction (Quarrying & Mining) sector and several large models, namely SH350LHD-6 35 ton class & SH490LHD-6 48 ton class which is reliable to be used in the mining sector such as one in coal mines.
In addition, Sumitomo exhibited asphalt pavers whose products have been highly questioned and are already being questioned around the world, where the market is no. 1 in Japan and in Southeast Asia for the asphalting sector which Sumitomo asphalt paver produces asphalt road with smoothly finished surface and superior densities.
Sumitomo Mining Expo 2019 - 3  Sumitomo Mining Expo 2019 - 4
The products displayed have received appreciation from many customers in many countries who feel satisfaction in using these products and help their businesses grow. Not only products that continue to be improved, but also Sumitomo and its distributors continue to strive to improve after-sales service both in the supply of parts and service. In Indonesia, PT. Oscar Mas led by Mr Williem Tanjung was appointed as the distributor of excavators and PT. Multicrane Perkasa led by Mr. Adrianus Hadiwinata was appointed as an asphalt paver distributor.

SUMITOMO HA60C-8 Helps Development Work and Pavement Processes in Bali

Wednesday January 16, 2019

PT. Dharma Buana Karya, which has been chosen by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing as a construction consultant, do work on paving roads in Bali. This project aims to reduce congestion caused by the lack of road quality.




PT. Dharma Buana Karya entrusts PT. Multicrane Perkasa as an official distributor of Asphalt Paver products of Sumitomo Kenki Indonesia. For this road construction project, Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is used because of it’s reputation has been proven to have great quality results in paving the road. This product has been used in various road-making projects throughout the world. Advantages of crawler-type Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is a screed that can be extended without any extension from 2.3m up to 6 m, and HA60C-8 is the only product that has this advantage.


STV system

In addition the “STV” system contributed to build smoothly finished surface and pave the road with superior densities.

< “STV” Compaciton System >
S: “Strike-off” is adjustable and guides the asphalt mixture smoothly under the screed.
TV: “Tamper” and “Vibrator” achieve strong and even compaction for pavements

With all the advantages possessed by Asphalt Paver HA60C-8, SUMITOMO’s products can be relied upon to meet the standard of road paving work. Where speed, accuracy and quality are the most important things in the construction project.

Indonesia – Japan Business & Technology Symposium in Surabaya

Wednesday January 9, 2019

On 5th December 2018, “The 5th Japan Business Society Commemorating Business & Technology Symposium of The 60th Anniversary Commemoration Project of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia” was held in Surabaya.

This symposium is aimed at enhancing the presence of Japanese companies in Indonesia by showing the improving the technical capabilities, quality control abilities and business knowledge by introducing high technologies and businesses from Japan that supported the daily living in Indonesia and the future living improvements.


There are 5 series of symposiums which located in several cities in Indonesia. 1st were held from Jakarta, the 2nd at Denpasar, the 3rd at Makassar, the 4th at Medan and the last one is at Surabaya. There the President Director Mr.Takahashi from PT. SUMITOMO S.H.I. CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY INDONESIA took the rostrum at Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya on 11th December 2018.

Mr.Rachma, from Indonesia’s special envoy for Japanese Investment, and, Mr.Tani from the Consulate General of Japan in Surabaya, had a speech as an opening speech about their experiments with Indonesia and Japan’s business relation. And then it continue to Mr.Takahashi, as the 2nd speaker of Japanese companies.
He introduced the history of Sumitomo Kenki Construction Machinery and explained the products, the global business, the development situation and the future efforts in Indonesia through a video.

Especially at the scene of video when our customer using the hydraulic excavator and asphalt paver said “Sumitomo Bagus!”, the audience also said “Sumitomo Bagus!” with their thumbs-up and warmed up this symposium.


When all the companies’ presentations were over and the lunch session began, the participants came to President director Mr.Takahashi one after another and asked him to take a picture together. In addition, at the exhibition booth some people said they have seen Sumitomo’s asphalt finisher, so we realized our products have been steadily spreading to Indonesia. Approximately 200 people from government officials, general corporations, local college students and others participated in the symposium.

In particular, about half of them were college students, and we felt the young power of Indonesia, with an average labor average age of 29 years. Finally, we thank you for having this opportunity in Surabaya to let them know about our company’s thoughts and technology.


Wednesday November 28, 2018

Sumitomo gave awards to Sumitomo’s VIP customers and distributor salesmen in Indonesia which have made the Sumitomo brand more trusted and well-known especially in the Indonesian market.  From the 12th-16th November 2018, Sumitomo and the award recipients traveled around Japan.

DSC08224      DSC08221


On the first day, We visited the Chiba factory in Japan, to see the production of Sumitomo Excavators, where their production quality is priority No. 1.

On the next day, we walked around some areas such as Shibuya, Mount Fuji, Lake Motosu, Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree Tower, where they really enjoyed their journey and saw the beauty of nature during “Autumn Season” in Japan and with this also strengthened the companionship like as a family.



SUMITOMO ASEAN Excavator Distributor’s Conference 2018

Friday August 31, 2018


SUMITOMO Construction Machinery held a meeting with all its distributors throughout ASEAN such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This meeting with all distributors in ASEAN was held in Jakarta, Indonesia,
where Indonesia is a country that is being considered by the world because of its highly developed infrastructure development. Infrastructure Development is the basis for increasing economic levels

Sumitomo excavators are currently widely used in infrastructure development due to fuel economy and high productivity. This wants to show that Sumitomo Excavators have been widely trusted in the Indonesian market.

The first day, all distributors in ASEAN visited the Sumitomo factory in Karawang to see for themselves the capability of the production produced to supply Excavators to all countries in ASEAN even to several other countries.

Sumitomo Karawang Factory - 1  Sumitomo Karawang Factory - 2

After that, they visited PT. Oscar Mas as the distributor in Indonesia as well as the host this time, gives an example to other distributors that distributors need to have good quality from the support side with the provision of Service Parts & Services.

OM Parts Warehouse  OM Workshop

The second day, Sumitomo given appreciation to all distributors in ASEAN for their good performance in selling Sumitomo Excavators in the ASEAN market so that the Sumitomo brand continues to increase and is trusted.


SUMITOMO ASPHALT PAVER HA90C Helping the Overlay Process of Husein Sastranegara Airport

Monday July 2, 2018


PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II while it is deploying a runway thickening or overlay at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung. This year will begin to work on adding the power of the runway. This is done because of increased flight schedule to and from bandung as well as increased aircraft capacity. Improved economic growth and the appeal of Bandung as a city of culinary, tourism, and shopping trigger an increase in the number of passengers both domestic or manacanegara. The airport will be able to seat Airbus A320 with a capacity of up to 180 seats. A plane that can land after a throttled base, among them, Airbus 320, Boeing 737 900ER, and Airbus 319.

PT Dirgantara as the implementer of the runway base relies on two units of Sumitomo HC90C tandem to perform the construction of the asphalting. With the width of each stretch reaches 9m, Sumitomo HA90C able to work quickly and maximum results considering the airport work should be done quickly. According to Operational Manager of PT Dirgantara Bp Arvin Jahja Tjahjana various advantages possessed Sumitomo HA90C is very helpful for thickening asphalt of this airport.

HA90C2 HA90C
The addition of flight hours from 21.00 to 00.00 will narrow the time of paving work. Excellent equipment capability is an absolute requirement in the asphalting process. Timely execution without prejudice to quality and safety is the main demands of the asphalting process. The excellent support from PT Multicrane Perkasa as the official dealer of Sumitomo asphalt finisher also contributes greatly to the performance of Sumitomo HA90C equipment.

Sumitomo HA90C has various advantages in ease of maintenance and operation. Operators are given ease in the use of a control stand that can be switched left and right depending on job type. Compact button placement also allows the operator to manage the function of each button. Sumitomo HA90C is also equipped with sensors that can adjust the angle of the expanse adjusted to the needs.
With many advantages, Sumitomo Paver is reliable in meeting the standards of airport work where speed, accuracy, and quality are the main things in airport project work.



New Generation of Sumitomo Excavator

Monday November 20, 2017

SUMITOMO S.H.I. Construction Machinery again following the prestigious event at Mining Exhibition 2017 which was conducted on Sep 13-16 2017 at JIEXPO, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

At the same time the event was taken the opportunity to celebrate the third year of partnership between Sumitomo with Oscar Mas which is Oscar Mas as distributor of Sumitomo Excavator for the market in Indonesia. Oscar Mas accommodates Sumitomo ensuring the distribution of sales throughout Indonesia as well as after-sales service for customers and access to quality-guaranteed spare parts.

Press Conference at Sumitomo Mining Expo 2017

The partnership between the two entities has shown significant results, in which Sumitomo has supported Oscar Mas to increase its sales targets every year. “Our partnership with Oscar Mas is one of the highlights of our business as they have helped us to reach the Indonesian market with potential sales and optimum after-sales service for our customers over the past 3 years so we will continue to work with Oscars Mas in Indonesia and we expect the best for both of us in doing business in Indonesia, “Shoji Uchida concluded.

Sumitomo also introduced the latest generation of Excavator products with 6 series, which has a more sophisticated technology, higher fuel efficiency and higher productivity than the previous series.

Sumitomo at Mining Expo 2017

This new generation is marked by the commencement of production for the 35-ton class excavator or the SH350HD-6 model, where this model is intended to work in mine sites such as stone, nickel, bauxite with attachments and buckets of Heavy Duty class. For other classes will soon follow which plan is produced most quickly around next year.

SUMITOMO J-PAVER, present with features and latest models in various types

Friday November 17, 2017

As the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in Japan. Sumitomo began to develop asphalt pavers in 1959. Due to its high performance, Sumitomo’s asphalt paver products are now successfully penetrating the world market, and are able to contribute more than 70 percent of the appliance’s share in Japan’s domestic market.

Sumitomo asphalt paver products Sumitomo J-Paver equipped with the latest technology features are present in the Indonesian market. The latest models of the J-Paver (Japanese Paver), among others: HA60C-8, HA60W-8 and HA90C-2 where the meaning of the type, is HA: Sumitomo Asphalt Paver model, 60 or 90: maximum paving width , C: crawler type (track) and W: wheel type (wheel / tire), with tamper and vibrator compaction system.

For the Sumitomo J-Paver model HA60C has been used quite a lot to support paving work in various development projects and road improvements in the country. With many advantages of embedded technology features in the asphalt paver model, the performance of Sumitomo J-Paver HA60C is quite reliable and recognized its performance by its user contractors.

As for some other advantages possessed by Sumitomo J-Paver HA60C, among others: has a screed that can be arranged kelebarannya from 2.3 m to 6.0 m with hydraulic system without a connection. Sumitomo J-Paver model is also quite easy to operate, more reliable, and easy in terms of maintenance. With these various advantages, this paver asphalt model received a very positive response from its user contractors.



Meanwhile, for the Sumitomo J-Paver HA90C-2 model, this paver asphalt product was first introduced in Bauma China held in Shanghai in late November 2014. Now, asphalt paver products are already present in the Indonesian market, and offer many advantages, including: equipped with screed J-Paver 2875 designed to achieve optimum quality and precision of pavement. In addition, with the new screed, capable of deploying asphalt with a width of at least 2.8 m to a maximum of 9 m.

Sumitomo Paver HA90C-2 uses hydraulic technology for Mold Board operation that can simplify its operation, and can improve precision in asphalting work. With the dimensions of the pavement asphalt paver this model is only 2.8 m, it will be easier to mobilize.

Another advantage of the Asphalt Paver HA90C-2 is the screed J-Paver 2875, which can be adjusted from 2.8 m to 7.5 m with a hydraulic system without connections, making it easier to save hotmix deployment time. When needed, the screed can be widened to 9m by using a bolt-on extension. In addition, all models of Sumitomo Paver are also equipped with automatic level sensors, ie grade sensors that can be applied by using strings used at the initial coating and producing a flat and straight paved layer. This Grade sensor can be replaced with ‘Sky Sensor’ which is in direct contact with the finished road terrain. Thus, the pavement can follow the flatness and straightness of the existing road.

In terms of operation, Sumitomo Paver is also further facilitated by the presence of a color monitor located in the operator compartment and on both sides of the screed. The existence of such monitors, may display the operational information and maintenance requirements of this asphalt pitcher. For the main monitor located in the operator compartment, it can display: machine information, travel speed setting, temperature setting heating, TV speed setting and emergency control. Meanwhile, for the submonitor contained in the screed, display: heating temperature settings, TV speed settings and emergency control.

With the new technologies and features embedded in the Sumitomo paver model of HA90C-2, it is expected to become a new choice for national road contractors to support on-site pavement work. And as an authorized distributor of Sumitomo asphalt paver in Indonesia, PT. Multicrane Perkasa guarantees after sales service for Sumitomo Paver products throughout Indonesia, so users can feel comfortable in operating this product in the field. In addition, to improve the competence of the operator asphalt paver Sumitomo, PT. Multicrane Perkasa also organizes training of asphalt paver operators that are held regularly in various regions.


Synergy of Oscar Mas and Sumitomo

Thursday December 22, 2016


Oscar Mas as exclusive distributor for Hydraulic Excavator Sumitomo, continues to strive to provide the best sales & service to customers who located in Indonesia. Oscar Mas’s commitment to providing the best Sales & After Sales Support to customers with support from Sumitomo as principal, will reinforce the existence of Sumitomo products on the national heavy equipment industry.

Indonesia government’s commitment this time is prioritized infrastructure development until at least the next five years, making the construction sector Indonesia’s market share has increased. This has an impact on various industries one of them, the heavy equipment. Demand for heavy equipment will certainly increase in the number of infrastructure projects in Indonesia. PT. Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery Southeast Asia appointed PT. Oscar Mas as exclusive distributor to provide solutions in particular the provision of heavy equipment hydraulic excavator Sumitomo in Indonesia.

Counted about a year precisely on October 1, 2015, PT. Oscar Mas and Sumitomo formed a partnership to distribute Sumitomo Hydraulic Excavator production in Indonesia. Population of Sumitomo Excavator are now widely spread in Indonesia, and is already used in a variety of sectors including, agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, irrigation, infrastructure, up to the fisheries sector.

Provide the best service to its customers is a major focus for the Oscar Mas and Sumitomo. Kazuhiko Sasaki-President Director of PT. Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery Southeast Asia said, amid an increasingly competitive rivalry heavy equipment, especially in Indonesia, he believes that Sumitomo can compete in the market of the national heavy equipment industry especially hydraulic excavators. Some of the advantages Sumitomo excavator products such as long durability, high productivity, and high fuel efficiency, to be one factor why Sumitomo optimistic in Indonesia. “Moreover, Sumitomo excavator products is one of the leading market, and it became one of our pride,” explains Sasaki.




In addition, Sasaki also said strong cooperation between Oscar Mas with Sumitomo be key in providing after sales services to customers. Another factor is the existence of Sumitomo plant in Indonesia, precisely located in Karawang area which also showed the Sumitomo’s commitment to make Indonesia as one of the production bases of Sumitomo. “These three factors, ranging from products, product support, as well as the presence of Sumitomo plant in Indonesia, makes us optimistic that it can compete with other competitors”, said Sasaki.


Meanwhile, Aryono Oscar- Commissioner of PT. Oscar Mas said, as exclusive distributor excavator Sumitomo, it will always support the needs of customers through after sales service is good. This is shown by the company’s commitment to the existence of multiple branch offices Oscar Mas in Indonesia. About nine branches Oscar Mas scattered in various parts of Indonesia such as these, Sumatra (Medan, Pekanbaru, and Palembang), Kalimantan (Banjarmasin, Balikpapan and Pontianak), Sulawesi (Makassar), as well as Java (Surabaya and Jakarta). Besides Oscar Mas also have Warehouse and Workshop is located in an industrial area MM2100, Cibitung to keep the availability of parts and units of heavy equipment.


website-om-3  website-om-2

Aryono Oscar also explained that each line of Oscar Mas and Sumitomo divisions work together in providing the best service to customers and to raise business together. Such as in the provision of spare parts, Oscar Mas always committed to provide a stock of spare parts according to the needs of the customer. Especially with the proximity of Sumitomo plant in Indonesia helped facilitate the supply of spare parts already in production in the country. “If there is a spare part availability is difficult, only in this case Sumitomo will back up to the Oscar Mas to provide the spare parts,” said Aryono Oscar.

In addition to after sales services to ensure the availability of spare parts, Oscar Mas in terms of co-financing partnerships with several finance companies for heavy equipment financing, whether it comes from Japan, as well as some domestic leasing or local. Willem Tanjung-President Director of PT. Oscar Mas said, of course the support of company such financing is essential for Oscar Mas in providing convenience to help market the product excavator Sumitomo.

Sumitomo Excavators & Paver in Mining Exhibition 2015

Monday December 21, 2015

On Sep 9-12, 2015 ago , Group of Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery the first time follow the large and most prestigious in indonesia event, the event is mining exhibition 2015 and held in JIEXPO ( Jakarta International Expo ), Kemayoran , North Jakarta.

Sumitomo invited Ministry of Public Works & Public Housing in this event represented by Mr. Ir Yaya Supriyatna M.Eng .Sc . as a Director of Institutional and Resources Development and Construction, opening ceremony in Sumitomo booth with President Director of PT. Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery Indonesia is Mr .Shoji Uchida and the whole range of directors and the management PT. Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery Southeast Asia. This is An honor for Sumitomo Construction Machinery can be attendanced the Public Works & Public Housing .This proves that Sumitomo ready to support infrastructure development in indonesia and ready to provide heavy equipments as excavators and asphalt pavers in favor of these developments.


Besides that Sumitomo held other some events such as :
1. Media press conference supported by famous presenter of tv is Mrs. Prita Laura
2. Customer Gathering which drew some Sumitomo’s customer all around Indonesia
3. Entertainment & Games


Enthusiastic visitors make the mood Sumitomo’s booth very rousing interest for visitors with Excavators made in indonesia with Japan technology shown by Sumitomo . An indonesian pride presenting world class products which made in indonesia and exported to ASEAN countries and several other countries .


Sumitomo are displayed excavators & asphalt paver :

Products which made in Japan :
1. SH75X-3B
2. HA60W-8

Products which already made in karawang factory, Indonesia, West Java :
3. SH130LF-5 Macan
4. SH210-5 Minor Change
5. SH210LC-5LR
6. SH350HD-6 (will be started in beginning 2016 in Indonesia)
This event followed 682 companies as exhibitor which attendance 16.800 visitors.

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