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SUMITOMO HA90C-2 Asphalt Paver is the most efficient 9 meter Asphalt Paver that could qualified job of 2.8 meter up to 7,5 meter without extension

Trans Sumatera Toll Project that categorized as Strategic National Project on 2012 by President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono, which the project itself was planned since 2004, but the project is realizing by President Joko Widodo at 2016. This 2.818 Km length project will connected many city among Sumatera, from Lampung on the Southeast part of Sumatera up to Nagro Aceh Darusalam on the  WestNorth part of Sumatera. Indonesia Government has pointed PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) as developer for this project of Trans Sumatera Toll Road.

On the execution of responsibility that has been given to PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) by the government, PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) is collaborate with the others government company as a main contractor, which is PT. Waskita and PT. Wika to do the project construction and development. There is also another government company that being involved as vendor or subcontractor, one of them is PT. Hakaaston subsidiary of PT. Hutama Karya (Persero). PT. Hakaaston specialized on road work construction and development is pointed as main supplier for Hot-mix, Concrete and Ready Mix on this project.

Sumitomo Paver Indonesia

Hakaaston Unit Pelaksana (UP) Palembang that has been appointed as executor for Asphalt Paving job on Trans Sumatera Toll Road Project on 34 Km Palembang-Kayuagung section is rely on Asphalt Paver SUMITOMO HA90C-2 as preference on 9 meter width asphalt paving job at main road. Ega F. Kurniawan as job field coordinator of PT. Hakaaston UP Palembang, is satisfied for the performance and reliability from SUMITOMO HA90C-2 Asphalt Paver. The result of paving job is perfect with good look surface and smooth, and also density result that effected from the surface till the inner side. The other point that feels by PT. Hakaaston as benefit are user friendly experiences on operating the unit because there is Bahasa Indonesia language as features that makes operator more easy to understand how to operating with advance, and the other thing is practically on mobilization the unit by time efficient on assemble and disassemble extension screed while preparation before starting the paving job.

Hakaaston in the beginning decided to start asphalt paving job with 2 Unit Asphalt Finisher with 4.5 meter width paving job each and applicate of Hot-Join method of paving connection but the result not as expectation and takes more time, man power also fuel consumption. Finally PT. Hakaaston decided to uilize SUMITOMO HA90C-2 Asphlat Paver with the specification 9 meter screed wide complete with extension to doing the paving job without hot join, because the quality of paving job is perfect and consider the time efficiency while doing the paving job, preparation and efficiency of operational cost. PT. Hakaaston mostly working up to 10-16 hours/day to do asphalt paving on this project to fulfill the target that already decide and meet the requirement of PT. Waskita Karya, and there is a roadblock comes from the rainy season come on early February when this documentation was taken.

Sumitomo Indonesia

Sumitomo Excavator for Coal Mining Work

Thursday April 25, 2019


Coal is the dominant force in electricity generation and its extraction process is relatively easy and inexpensive, and infrastructure requirements are cheaper than other energy resources.

The world is already aware of reducing dependence on coal (fossil fuels), but current renewable energy sources still do not indicate that the world’s dependence on coal will decline significantly in the near future, so that coal continues to be a promising energy source.

However, clean coal technology in coal mining will be very much needed in the future (partly due to commercial factors) and Indonesia is expected to be actively involved in the process as one of the main actors in the coal mining sector. The clean coal technology is focused on reducing emissions produced by coal-fired power plants but this technology has not developed well enough.

There are many small coal reserves in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua, but three of the largest coal reserves in Indonesia are South Sumatra, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. Indonesia has the main destination countries for coal exports, namely China, India, Japan and South Korea.

Therefore many mining companies in Indonesia are continuing to get this energy source and they need excavators in their mining activities as their main equipment. In this case, several mining companies entrust their excavators to Sumitomo Excavators like one of them at a coal mine in the Banjarmasin area. This company operates Sumitomo excavators models of SH210-6 20 tons class and SH350LC-6 30 tons class.

SH210-6 Coal Mining

These excavators are used for mining processes ranging from development, overburden, striping, coal getting and loading unloading. Sumitomo Excavator is strong in power, agile and fuel-efficient these are important points for the company in choosing Sumitomo Excavator as its main equipment in supporting coal mining production activities for the company.

Sumitomo also produces large class of 40-80 tons excavators such as the SH490LHD-6, SH510LHD-6 and SH800LHD models which is well accepted in the market place.

Sumitomo Excavator long arm (SH210LC-LR) for resettlement work, flood prevention and river normalization

Wednesday February 27, 2019


The normalization of drainage or connecting channels (PHB) around residents’ settlements and rivers is still a flagship flood management program in Jakarta. It was proven by rapid flooding or inundation within three hours and reduced flood points to 80 points in 2017 from 500 points in 2015. To run the River Normalization and drainage program, the main equipment used was the Long Arm Excavator model. This unit is very much needed to drain the riverbed, or even the river’s Ramp arrangement itself. Designed for the type of work used for Arm equipped with amphibious undercarriage.

Sumitomo Excavators provide the Long Arm model excavator option, the SH210LC-LR, for specifications of work that requires deeper and deeper reach. Such as: Deep excavation, river dredging, normalization of rivers, lakes and beaches, or other jobs that require extra reach. Users who use Sumitomo long arm a lot in Indonesia include the Ministry of Public Works, especially in the Water Resources Agency and UPT Alkal. Whereas there is not too much customer retention, because, in addition to its high cost investment, the majority of jobs are Government jobs under the Ministry of Public Works, which in fact already has a Long Arm unit.

Many heavy equipment from these two government agencies work along the river and canal, to treat and normalize rivers from the silting process and so on. Like the Department of Public Works, DKI Jakarta employs Long Arm Excavators along the East Flood Canal, to anticipate garbage piles, siltation and erosion prevention, structuring and maintenance of river or canal ramps.

SH210LC-5LR (ALKAL-Cakung1) SH210LC-5LR Colour - PU

Found in the area of ​​East Flood Canal around Cipinang Indah Complex, Sutriyono, Operator of the SH210LC-5LR owned by the DKI Jakarta Water Resources Agency. He said that for a year more to operate this Sumitomo SH210LC-5LR Excavator, there had never been a problem, both on the engine and hydraulic systems. “If you enter the service routine, just stay in contact with the dealer, not immediately after the service is done. What we do is only greasing and the monitor or just adjust the Amphibious Track Strength. Its fuel consumption is economical compared to other brands I’ve used, “he added.

The low fuel consumption of Sumitomo Excavator is indeed the flagship of Sumitomo which makes the Customer begin to turn away and intends to try to prove it himself. Plus the super long range compared to other brands strengthens the customer’s assessment of the Sumitomo Long Reach Excavator.


SH210LC-5LR Amphibious

SUMITOMO HA60C-8 Helps Development Work and Pavement Processes in Bali

Wednesday January 16, 2019

PT. Dharma Buana Karya, which has been chosen by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing as a construction consultant, do work on paving roads in Bali. This project aims to reduce congestion caused by the lack of road quality.




PT. Dharma Buana Karya entrusts PT. Multicrane Perkasa as an official distributor of Asphalt Paver products of Sumitomo Kenki Indonesia. For this road construction project, Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is used because of it’s reputation has been proven to have great quality results in paving the road. This product has been used in various road-making projects throughout the world. Advantages of crawler-type Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is a screed that can be extended without any extension from 2.3m up to 6 m, and HA60C-8 is the only product that has this advantage.


STV system

In addition the “STV” system contributed to build smoothly finished surface and pave the road with superior densities.

< “STV” Compaciton System >
S: “Strike-off” is adjustable and guides the asphalt mixture smoothly under the screed.
TV: “Tamper” and “Vibrator” achieve strong and even compaction for pavements

With all the advantages possessed by Asphalt Paver HA60C-8, SUMITOMO’s products can be relied upon to meet the standard of road paving work. Where speed, accuracy and quality are the most important things in the construction project.

Indonesia – Japan Business & Technology Symposium in Surabaya

Wednesday January 9, 2019

On 5th December 2018, “The 5th Japan Business Society Commemorating Business & Technology Symposium of The 60th Anniversary Commemoration Project of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia” was held in Surabaya.

This symposium is aimed at enhancing the presence of Japanese companies in Indonesia by showing the improving the technical capabilities, quality control abilities and business knowledge by introducing high technologies and businesses from Japan that supported the daily living in Indonesia and the future living improvements.


There are 5 series of symposiums which located in several cities in Indonesia. 1st were held from Jakarta, the 2nd at Denpasar, the 3rd at Makassar, the 4th at Medan and the last one is at Surabaya. There the President Director Mr.Takahashi from PT. SUMITOMO S.H.I. CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY INDONESIA took the rostrum at Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya on 11th December 2018.

Mr.Rachma, from Indonesia’s special envoy for Japanese Investment, and, Mr.Tani from the Consulate General of Japan in Surabaya, had a speech as an opening speech about their experiments with Indonesia and Japan’s business relation. And then it continue to Mr.Takahashi, as the 2nd speaker of Japanese companies.
He introduced the history of Sumitomo Kenki Construction Machinery and explained the products, the global business, the development situation and the future efforts in Indonesia through a video.

Especially at the scene of video when our customer using the hydraulic excavator and asphalt paver said “Sumitomo Bagus!”, the audience also said “Sumitomo Bagus!” with their thumbs-up and warmed up this symposium.


When all the companies’ presentations were over and the lunch session began, the participants came to President director Mr.Takahashi one after another and asked him to take a picture together. In addition, at the exhibition booth some people said they have seen Sumitomo’s asphalt finisher, so we realized our products have been steadily spreading to Indonesia. Approximately 200 people from government officials, general corporations, local college students and others participated in the symposium.

In particular, about half of them were college students, and we felt the young power of Indonesia, with an average labor average age of 29 years. Finally, we thank you for having this opportunity in Surabaya to let them know about our company’s thoughts and technology.

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