HA90C-2 JP2875


Paving Width : 2.8~7.5 m (infinitely variable)/ 9.0 m (with extension screed)
Paving Thickness : 10~300 mm
Paving Speed : 1.5~20 m / min
Hopper Capacity : 13.9 ton
Overall Length : 7,310 mm
Overall Width : 2,990 mm
Brochure : Download

Product Overview

This Paver which is equipped with the latest technology and being first in the world. Screed J-paver can be extended easily without the attachment of Screed “bold-on”. The infinitely variable triple screed can be used for 2.8 – 7.5 m widths. And has many human friendly features such as the STV compact system, automatic screed lock, and movable control box.

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