Synergy of Oscar Mas and Sumitomo

Thursday December 22, 2016


Oscar Mas as exclusive distributor for Hydraulic Excavator Sumitomo, continues to strive to provide the best sales & service to customers who located in Indonesia. Oscar Mas’s commitment to providing the best Sales & After Sales Support to customers with support from Sumitomo as principal, will reinforce the existence of Sumitomo products on the national heavy equipment industry.

Indonesia government’s commitment this time is prioritized infrastructure development until at least the next five years, making the construction sector Indonesia’s market share has increased. This has an impact on various industries one of them, the heavy equipment. Demand for heavy equipment will certainly increase in the number of infrastructure projects in Indonesia. PT. Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery Southeast Asia appointed PT. Oscar Mas as exclusive distributor to provide solutions in particular the provision of heavy equipment hydraulic excavator Sumitomo in Indonesia.

Counted about a year precisely on October 1, 2015, PT. Oscar Mas and Sumitomo formed a partnership to distribute Sumitomo Hydraulic Excavator production in Indonesia. Population of Sumitomo Excavator are now widely spread in Indonesia, and is already used in a variety of sectors including, agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, irrigation, infrastructure, up to the fisheries sector.

Provide the best service to its customers is a major focus for the Oscar Mas and Sumitomo. Kazuhiko Sasaki-President Director of PT. Sumitomo S.H.I. Construction Machinery Southeast Asia said, amid an increasingly competitive rivalry heavy equipment, especially in Indonesia, he believes that Sumitomo can compete in the market of the national heavy equipment industry especially hydraulic excavators. Some of the advantages Sumitomo excavator products such as long durability, high productivity, and high fuel efficiency, to be one factor why Sumitomo optimistic in Indonesia. “Moreover, Sumitomo excavator products is one of the leading market, and it became one of our pride,” explains Sasaki.




In addition, Sasaki also said strong cooperation between Oscar Mas with Sumitomo be key in providing after sales services to customers. Another factor is the existence of Sumitomo plant in Indonesia, precisely located in Karawang area which also showed the Sumitomo’s commitment to make Indonesia as one of the production bases of Sumitomo. “These three factors, ranging from products, product support, as well as the presence of Sumitomo plant in Indonesia, makes us optimistic that it can compete with other competitors”, said Sasaki.


Meanwhile, Aryono Oscar- Commissioner of PT. Oscar Mas said, as exclusive distributor excavator Sumitomo, it will always support the needs of customers through after sales service is good. This is shown by the company’s commitment to the existence of multiple branch offices Oscar Mas in Indonesia. About nine branches Oscar Mas scattered in various parts of Indonesia such as these, Sumatra (Medan, Pekanbaru, and Palembang), Kalimantan (Banjarmasin, Balikpapan and Pontianak), Sulawesi (Makassar), as well as Java (Surabaya and Jakarta). Besides Oscar Mas also have Warehouse and Workshop is located in an industrial area MM2100, Cibitung to keep the availability of parts and units of heavy equipment.


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Aryono Oscar also explained that each line of Oscar Mas and Sumitomo divisions work together in providing the best service to customers and to raise business together. Such as in the provision of spare parts, Oscar Mas always committed to provide a stock of spare parts according to the needs of the customer. Especially with the proximity of Sumitomo plant in Indonesia helped facilitate the supply of spare parts already in production in the country. “If there is a spare part availability is difficult, only in this case Sumitomo will back up to the Oscar Mas to provide the spare parts,” said Aryono Oscar.

In addition to after sales services to ensure the availability of spare parts, Oscar Mas in terms of co-financing partnerships with several finance companies for heavy equipment financing, whether it comes from Japan, as well as some domestic leasing or local. Willem Tanjung-President Director of PT. Oscar Mas said, of course the support of company such financing is essential for Oscar Mas in providing convenience to help market the product excavator Sumitomo.

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